‘Natalie has been great helping me pick myself up both emotionally and physically after 7 years as a full time working mum of two, with little time for myself.
She was able to meet my needs as to when and where to train and listened to my likes and dislikes of my training schedule and adapted to suit me. In just three months of knowing Natalie, I feel like my old self again. I am back playing team sport, feeling positive and happy and looking forward to my training sessions. Natalie has taught me how to run properly and given me guidance on my diet too. Best of all, is that people are seeing a difference in me, I have lost weight, my skin is so much healthier and I am not constantly tired.
If like me a few months ago, there is no time for yourself and you miss how you used to be or you feel guilty about your weight and not exercising enough Natalie can pull you through the lethargy and give you that kick start with empathy, determination and a laugh.’