“I contacted Natalie about personal training sessions when I started to freak out about turning 30! The initial consultation was great and Natalie really understood where I was coming from, not only about exercise but also about food. I realised she was the perfect PT for me as she was ready to support me in my quest to get the body I want – not just through physical training but through nutritional training too, helping me to understand that food is not something that will make me fat, but something that is essential to keep my body running.
Natalie is great at keeping me motivated – letting me know when I am working well and when I should be pushing myself harder and the sessions are made up of lots of different exercises so I don’t get bored! We always have good fun during the sessions, even when I’m exhausted, and I know she’s on hand if I need her at other times of the week for any questions or concerns I have.
Just a few weeks in, I’ve already started to see changes in my body and fitness levels, which is important for me as I have struggled in the past with motivation if I don’t see results. When it comes to exercise and diet, I’ve always been an all or nothing person, but my mindset has changed dramatically since working with Natalie.”