“I have been working with Natalie since August 2011 when I came to her for PT sessions as I felt that both my fitness levels and weight loss had hit a plateau. In such a short time the improvement in my level of fitness and overall health and wellbeing has been incredible. I am fully engaged in a varied exercise programme that she has tailored to my needs, abilities and likes. This, in conjunction with the nutritional understanding behind the weight loss that Natalie has given me, helps me remain fully motivated and I am seeing the results in the scales moving down and the inches coming off.
Working with Natalie has been an incredibly positive experience for me; she is so supportive of my weight loss journey, but is also pushing my physical goals. I am now signed up and training for the 2012 Reading Half Marathon, which prior to my sessions with Affinity Personal Training was something I could never imagine doing, both mentally and physically. I know that working with Natalie will see me hit both my exercise and nutrition goals, as the on-going support, encouragement and understanding I receive from her is immense and I can’t imagine not achieving the goals I have been working on so hard with her. I can’t thank her enough.”