Having Natalie as my personal trainer is one of the most positive, edifying aspects of my life right now. I thought PTs were for the already-fit or ‘gym bunnies’ and I was neither of these. I just couldn’t seem to self-motivate and I felt unfit, wobbly, lacking in strength and significantly older than my 37 years. Somehow Natalie crossed my path at the same time as a bonus from work and her warmth and energy convinced me to try working with her. It has been money well spent in so many ways – 8 weeks later I feel so much stronger and fitter and I can see my body changing shape and toning up. I feel energised and the sessions make me naturally want to eat more healthily walk more and do more on a daily basis.
I love every session and am amazed at how Natalie has transformed how I feel about exercising. We laugh and giggle – I have also cried but that wasn’t Natalie’s fault! Whatever my mood, whether I approach the session positively, or feeling tired, Natalie totally understands where I am at. She shared my frustrations and hesitations as well as my achievements and victories and seems to know just the right thing to say. She shares her knowledge without ever being patronising; she is warm and funny but inherently professional.
If you’re unsure about taking on a personal trainer, then try with Natalie, I can’t recommend her highly enough and you won’t regret it. I know I haven’t! Good luck!