“I really can’t recommend Natalie highly enough. I wanted to get fit after the birth of my second child, but didn’t have the motivation to do it alone. Natalie’s sessions have given me the encouragement I needed. I knew that joining a gym wouldn’t work for me as I needed someone working with me to help with motivation. I also wanted someone who had experience with post natal exercise, which Natalie has.

Natalie is great at developing a challenging but achievable programme, and motivating you to keep at it. She changes the programme regularly so that it stays interesting and stretches you. Ive tried lots of new training forms since working with Natalie – boxing, resistance training with bands etc. All things I would never have tried alone.

I’ve just signed up for my next batch of sessions with Natalie as I’ve been so impressed with her. She’s fun to work with, flexible, and gets the best out of me in terms of working out”
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Sally, 40, Bourne End

“Having had a baby I was keen to get back into shape. I’ve never been great at motivating myself to workout but Natalie was fantastic. She came over and we had a long consultation about my goals and objectives. We discussed both exercise and nutrition to ensure I was eating the right diet as well as exercising. I hit it off with Natalie straight away and knew working out with her would be fun. I’ve enjoyed my sessions so much – Natalie has pushed me harder than I ever would do if I was on my own in the gym and she makes it great fun as well. I’d definitely recommend Natalie to anyone who’s thinking about giving personal training a go… Well worth the money.”
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Sandra, 32, Marlow

“I have been training with Natalie for a month now and already I am seeing and feeling the difference. Her hourly sessions are challenging, focused and fun. After a in depth assessment session in which Natalie listened to my needs and goals, she has tailored a couple of routines which cover all the areas I want to work on and in a way that keeps me motivated and challenged. Already I am feeling more toned up – but also more energetic and even more importantly – more body confident. She is great to work with – professional, approachable and has complete empathy with my concerns and goals. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to look and feel much MUCH better!”
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Rachel, 45, Marlow

‘After having twins in 2010 (and being on 4 months’ bed rest) I was very out of shape and nervous about starting a fitness programme. Natalie put me at ease and listened carefully to what my goals were. She understood the constraints of a busy lifestyle with twins and was always optimistic and positive about what we could achieve together. I have enjoyed my sessions with Natalie and would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone thinking about making positive lifestyle changes.’
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Rebecca, 31, Naphill

“I contacted Natalie about personal training sessions when I started to freak out about turning 30! The initial consultation was great and Natalie really understood where I was coming from, not only about exercise but also about food. I realised she was the perfect PT for me as she was ready to support me in my quest to get the body I want – not just through physical training but through nutritional training too, helping me to understand that food is not something that will make me fat, but something that is essential to keep my body running.
Natalie is great at keeping me motivated – letting me know when I am working well and when I should be pushing myself harder and the sessions are made up of lots of different exercises so I don’t get bored! We always have good fun during the sessions, even when I’m exhausted, and I know she’s on hand if I need her at other times of the week for any questions or concerns I have.
Just a few weeks in, I’ve already started to see changes in my body and fitness levels, which is important for me as I have struggled in the past with motivation if I don’t see results. When it comes to exercise and diet, I’ve always been an all or nothing person, but my mindset has changed dramatically since working with Natalie.”

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Lucy, 29, High Wycombe

Having Natalie as my personal trainer is one of the most positive, edifying aspects of my life right now. I thought PTs were for the already-fit or ‘gym bunnies’ and I was neither of these. I just couldn’t seem to self-motivate and I felt unfit, wobbly, lacking in strength and significantly older than my 37 years. Somehow Natalie crossed my path at the same time as a bonus from work and her warmth and energy convinced me to try working with her. It has been money well spent in so many ways – 8 weeks later I feel so much stronger and fitter and I can see my body changing shape and toning up. I feel energised and the sessions make me naturally want to eat more healthily walk more and do more on a daily basis.
I love every session and am amazed at how Natalie has transformed how I feel about exercising. We laugh and giggle – I have also cried but that wasn’t Natalie’s fault! Whatever my mood, whether I approach the session positively, or feeling tired, Natalie totally understands where I am at. She shared my frustrations and hesitations as well as my achievements and victories and seems to know just the right thing to say. She shares her knowledge without ever being patronising; she is warm and funny but inherently professional.
If you’re unsure about taking on a personal trainer, then try with Natalie, I can’t recommend her highly enough and you won’t regret it. I know I haven’t! Good luck!

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Jo, 37, Marlow

“I have been working with Natalie since August 2011 when I came to her for PT sessions as I felt that both my fitness levels and weight loss had hit a plateau. In such a short time the improvement in my level of fitness and overall health and wellbeing has been incredible. I am fully engaged in a varied exercise programme that she has tailored to my needs, abilities and likes. This, in conjunction with the nutritional understanding behind the weight loss that Natalie has given me, helps me remain fully motivated and I am seeing the results in the scales moving down and the inches coming off.
Working with Natalie has been an incredibly positive experience for me; she is so supportive of my weight loss journey, but is also pushing my physical goals. I am now signed up and training for the 2012 Reading Half Marathon, which prior to my sessions with Affinity Personal Training was something I could never imagine doing, both mentally and physically. I know that working with Natalie will see me hit both my exercise and nutrition goals, as the on-going support, encouragement and understanding I receive from her is immense and I can’t imagine not achieving the goals I have been working on so hard with her. I can’t thank her enough.”

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Kate, 29, Reading

“Natalie worked with me with regards to my fitness and nutrition. I found my nutrition was the key point to my weight increase and emotional state.
I really can’t recommend Natalie enough when it comes to describing how she helped me through this tough point. Being as low as I was, Natalie really listened and offered her support which I really felt at the time and even now was above and beyond what another personal trainer would do.
Natalie helped me to feel better about myself and take steps each day to work towards being more positive. She was patient and really offered fantastic advice which I call upon now when things get tough. Losing weight can be impossible when you do not have the right mindset and attitude and Natalie helped me work on these core foundations so that I could then go on to lose the weight I have always wanted.
Thank you Natalie, I have gained a fantastic personal trainer and a friend.”

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Louisa, 29, Marlow

“Natalie was great at helping me kick start my exercise and weight loss and was with me all the way with encouragement, tips and support. Her help was key to keeping me going and she tailored a programme to suit my needs and ability. Highly recommended!”
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Becky, 28, Reading

‘Natalie has been great helping me pick myself up both emotionally and physically after 7 years as a full time working mum of two, with little time for myself.
She was able to meet my needs as to when and where to train and listened to my likes and dislikes of my training schedule and adapted to suit me. In just three months of knowing Natalie, I feel like my old self again. I am back playing team sport, feeling positive and happy and looking forward to my training sessions. Natalie has taught me how to run properly and given me guidance on my diet too. Best of all, is that people are seeing a difference in me, I have lost weight, my skin is so much healthier and I am not constantly tired.
If like me a few months ago, there is no time for yourself and you miss how you used to be or you feel guilty about your weight and not exercising enough Natalie can pull you through the lethargy and give you that kick start with empathy, determination and a laugh.’

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NV, 37, Marlow